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Price: $14.55
Product ID : CHA-AT
Manufacturer: OIL



Whether you race open road course, closed track, off-road, or drag racing, this high-lubricity, low-drag Champion Racing full synthetic gear lube has you covered. It's recommended for use in conventional or limited slip differentials, and transfer cases in racing and severe-duty applications. Champion Racing full synthetic gear lubricant contains their Shock Load Inhibitor (SLI) chemistry, proven to absorb abrupt load transitions, and helping to reduce heat, wear, and friction for prolonged equipment life. Get it and use it! Features include: * Formulated to provide premium extreme pressure protection for competition racing * Provide better lubricant oxidation stability * Superior corrosion protection for less synchronizer wear * Reduces differential and gearbox temperatures * Improves shifting in manual transmissions * Reduces foaming at high speed * Highest film strength * Compatible with petroleum and other synthetics