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Xtreme Accu-Tach
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Price: $369.99
Product ID : ACCU-T
Manufacturer: JSP



The Xtreme Accu-Tach digital tachometer will work with 4, 6 and 8 cylinder engines using an MSD ignition or a magneto. The Xtreme Accu-Tach is factory set for 8 cylinder engines and will function up to 15,000 RPM. This digital tach accepts any standard alkaline 9 volt battery to function for many hours of operation. For use with Magneto and Point Type Ignition distributors ONLY. WARNING: It DOES NOT work with Electronic Ignitions that use a dedicated tach output wire such as MSD 6 Series and HEI. When the display button is pushed after your last race, the Accu-Tach will display four numbers: 1st number is the highest RPM turned in the last race 2nd number is the low average RPM turned in the last race 3rd number is the high average RPM turned in the last race 4th number is the time in seconds your engine took to rev from your low average RPM to your high average RPM The display button has three different functions: Starts the display cycle of highest RPM, average low RPM, average high RPM and ramp time Resets any stored information if held for more than five seconds Displays the engine's current RPM for fifteen seconds while engine is running